Landscape Design

An on-site consultation with our design team will get you closer to making your vision a reality. Designs accentuate the layout of the property and act as a floor plan for your outdoor project. The Classic Landscape Company is proud to offer 2-D and 3-Dimensional, innovative computer technology which provides a real-life tour of your new space. Our designs fit the needs and budget of every individual. See what materials, native plants, lighting, water options, and more you can add to your landscape. Schedule an appointment with our design team today!

  • Packages start at $550.00 to $770.00
  • Pricing based on square footage
  • 2D scale digital blue prints
  • 3D video & still pictures
  • Material list
  • Comprehensive plant key
  • 1-hour on-site consultation
  • On-site Yard Consultations

Why Us?

All successful landscape projects begin with a blueprint for your space. We have all heard countless times that you need to have a plan before you start any project, and landscaping is no exception. Get started with a 1-hour on-site design consultation where our experienced and friendly designers will listen attentively to your ideas and expectations while also supplying their creative input. By having a completed landscape design, you ensure that the picture you have in your mind matches that of the installer and most importantly, will be presented to scale with a comprehensive plant key to accentuate the best features and characteristics of your property.


You can select 2D or 3D designs for your project.

All depends on the complexity of the project and how many revisions the design requires until you sign off on the final design.

Yes absolutely. We encourage you to search inspiration sites like Houzz, Pinterest and design magazines to help us see your vision, so we can create you the perfect design.