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All successful landscape projects begin with a blueprint for your space. We have all heard countless times that you need to have a plan before you start any project, and landscaping is no exception. Get started with a 1 hour on-site design consultation where our experienced and friendly designers will listen attentively to your ideas and expectations while also supplying their creative input. By having a completed landscape design, you ensure that the picture you have in your mind matches that of the installer and most importantly, will be presented to scale with a comprehensive plant key to accentuate the best features and characteristics of your property.

Packages start at $525.00
*Pricing based on square footage
Our Packages Include:

– 2-D Scale Digital Blue Prints

– 3-D video & still pictures

– Material list

– Comprehensive plant key
– 1-hour on-site consultation

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Important: Please give us a direct call for any bookings from September - March due the the season ending. Thank you.

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