Zeolite Infill

Premium Zeolite infill for use on artificial grass, synthetic turf, or pet kennels.

Zeolite is a natural odor neutralizing artificial grass infill with an internal fixed and stable honeycomb structure. Zeolite neutralizes odors in turf by utilizing its sponge/magnet characteristics to attract and eliminate odors. Zeolite maintains the characteristics of any good artificial grass infill along with the added benefits of reducing surface temperatures through a process of slow water evaporation.

Zeolite is safe for kids, pets, and the environment. The unique structure of Zeolite allows rainwater to continue to flow through drainage holes even after the product settles in.

  • 55lb Bags
  • Approximate Coverage – 25 sq ft of Turf Per Bag.
  • Light Green to grey Colour
  • Will not compact
  • Full Pallet Size 56 bags

Special Order Product.

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