40mm (1.5″) Rundle Rock


Cubic Yard Price $292.00

40mm (1.5″) crushed rock with jagged edges, and a light to dark grey appearance. Once the Rundle Rock is wet, it will reveal an even darker tone and contrast.We recommend using Rundle Rock as a decorative spread in your landscape. When installed near sod, plants, mulch beds, or hardscape features, it will assist with the contrast in the rest of your landscape.

1 cubic yard or Qty 2 will cover approximately 100 sq ft at 3″ Depth.

10’x10′ at 3″ depth = (10x10x0.25) divided by 27. Round decimal point the nearest .5 increment. 

Qty 1 = .5 cubic yards or 1 Skid Steer Bucket, Approximately 50 sq ft at 3″ Depth. Example: when ordering 3 Cubic Yards, you will enter Qty 6.
Maximum Load per Truck is 10 Cubic Yards or QTY 20.

Available Late April to November, Weather Permitting.

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