Pro Putt


Sq ft Price $5.00

The Rymar Pro Putt 2-Tone utilizes 50% field green and 50% lime green color to create a dual tone aesthetic. It utilizes this blend to combine both beauty and performance in one surface. Its texturized polyethylene blend creates a natural look and feel.

Face Weight: 62oz
Color: Lime/Field
Pile Height: 1/2″
Full Roll: 15×100′

When Ordering: Qty 1 = Roll size of 1’x15′ (15sq ft), Qty 5 = Roll size of 5’x15′ (75sq ft) etc. 
Maximum Roll size 100’ x 15’

*Pick-up and Delivery available within 1-3 business days of Ordering*

**We Will Call to make Pick up or Delivery Arrangements**

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