50-100mm (2-4″) Rundle Rock.


Cubic Yard Price $298.00

Great Accent Rock and it’s larger size is sure to pop.

Large Rundle Rock with an average size of 2″ to 4″, with jagged edges, and a light to dark grey appearance. Once the Rundle Rock is wet, it will reveal an even darker tone and contrast.

We recommend using Rundle Rock as a decorative spread in your landscape. When installed near sod, plants, mulch beds, or hardscape features, it will assist with the contrast in the rest of your landscape.

The Larger size is a great addition to any landscape, used as an accent rock or in full flower bed applications.

1 cubic yard or Qty 2 will cover approximately 100 sq ft at 3″ Depth.

10’x10′ at 3″ depth = (10x10x0.25) divided by 27. Round decimal point the nearest .5 increment. 

Qty 1 = .5 cubic yards or 1 Skid Steer Bucket, Approximately 50 sq ft at 3″ Depth. Example: When ordering 3 Cubic Yards, you will enter Qty 6.
Maximum Load per Truck is 10 Cubic Yards or QTY 20.
Availabe Late April to November, Weather Permitting.

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