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1.25″ Crushed Rock

Larger Decorative Crushed Rock

$69.00/Cubic Yard

2″ River Rock

2″ Round River Rock

$72.00/Cubic Yard

3-6″ River Rock

3-6″ Round River Rock

$75.00/Cubic Yard

40mm Natural Rock

3/4″ Round rock

$77.00/Cubic Yard

Black Mulch

Dyed Black, Spruce Mulch

$95.00/Cubic Yard

Cedar Mulch

Western Red Cedar, thin shaved Mulch. Fragrent

$275.00/5.5 Cubic Yard

Compost Soil

Unscreened composted aged soil

$45.00/Cubic Yard

Crusher Dust

1/4″ Minus Crushed Rock. Used for Paving Stone and Artifical Turf Base Agregate, pathways and so much more

$54.00/Cubic Yard

Large Nugget Mulch

Large Birch Nugget Mulch

$105.00/Cubic Yard

Organic Topsoil

70% Screened Topsoil with 30% Composted Manure. Great for all soil requirements you may have.

$36.00/Cubic Yard

Pathway Mulch

Thicker Shredded Birch Blended Mulch

$95.00/Cubic Yard

Pea Rock

20mm Washed Pea Rock

$66.00/Cubic Yard

Play Sand

Washed screened fine sand, great for sand boxes, masonary applications and Paving stone

$66.00/Cubic Yard

Reclaim Asphalt

Crushed Recyled Roadway Asphalt. Great for Driveways, walkways and any area requiring an economical base.

$54.00/Cubic Yard

Red Mulch

Dyed Red, Spruce Mulch

$95.00/Cubic Yard

Rundle Rock

40mm Crushed Rundle Rock from Mount Rundle

$237.00/Cubic Yard

Yellow Clay

Heavy packing clay

$23.00/Cubic Yard